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Things True Leaders Do

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Every leader begins to command strength and following when they transition from being a doer with expertise to a leader with a vision. Leadership takes you further and further away from daily tasks and anchors you into crafting the heart and direction of the organization. There are a number of things that every true leader does:

  1.  Define What Success Looks Like. Every leader has to define the goal which they are pursuing. They have to craft and clarify what success looks like on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. This is very critical as it enables those under him or her to gauge their effectiveness in relation to the destination. The description of the success has to be attainable, motivating, time bound, specific and measurable for the followers.
  2. Establish Clear Expectations. A true leader lays down the plan on how the vision will be accomplished. They will collect and allocates resources, designate responsibilities, and provide remuneration. He or she constantly reminds the juniors their specific roles in the larger vision and helps them to acquire the skills needed to perform their specific roles. People generally crave a clear knowledge of where they fit in the larger paradigm.

They Utilize Other People’s Strength. When it comes to fulfilling a vision there are lots of skills, talents, expertise, experiences, and perspectives needed. True leaders understand that they cannot possess all these qualities in themselves. That’s why they hire, motivate and remunerate those who possess the skills that they need. They do not let their ego or insecurity get in the way of achieving the greater vision.

  1. They Provide Metrics and Reporting Tools. True leaders understand the importance of communication in an organization. Therefore, they avail all the tools needed to facilitate proper, clear, timely and constant feedback and feedforward. They are always available and provide standardized reporting tools which are available to all the staffers in the organization. This fuels greater coordination and minimizes cliques and silo thinking.
  2.  Eliminates Confusion By Clearing Obstacles. Part of what makes true leaders effective is their ability to spot potential crisis or problems long before they happen. This enables them to forestall the imminent crisis or allocate resources to deal with the problem. They are also able to spot gaps in the production pipelines and eliminate those gaps before they impact the efficiency of the team.


At the end of the day, what separates the great leaders from the merely good ones is in their ability to manage teams, resources, provide a vision and measurable goals.

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Why Haven’t YOU Started a Blog Yet?

In case you haven’t noticed, a LOT of people have already started blogs.  Some people write about very specific interests, and some prefer to keep things general.  As a rule, if you want to get noticed by the search engines, you’re better off starting with some type of focus, but if you prefer to go general, there’s certainly nothing stopping you except possibly your fear of the unknown. When you are just toying with the idea of starting a blog, it’s very  easy to talk yourself out of starting.  Most people are pretty resistant to change and to trying unfamiliar things.  That’s completely natural.  The thing is though, you’ve got to be willing to stretch your boundaries a bit and to explore new areas that seem intimidating as you move forward.  We happen to prefer (and recommend) allowing us to write your blogs for you on a  domain that you own.  (We will go into in depth reasons for this more in upcoming post).  The truth is though, if you want to, with our help you can start a blog today! Lets work together in getting your message out to the world!

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Life mentoring is an empowerment tool to help people in maximizing their potential, progressing in their careers and turning into the individual they want to be. It is partnership between mentor and mentee, who are working in similar field or sharing same experiences. A mentor has to help the mentee to believe in him/herself in exploring new ideas with confidence. It is a helpful relationship that is based on mutual trust and respect.

Business mentoring is a relation between a business ambitious person and some business experienced individual, who is willing to act as guide. A business mentor gives direction, helpful advices and support to help you maintain your business successfully. Mentoring can work exceptionally well for you if you have some gap in your knowledge and skills.

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  • A good mentoring client (or mentee/mentoree) is one who realizes that it’s his job and mentor is just a helper. He/she develops a sharp focus on what he/she needs to do professionally and doesn’t rely on his mentor.
  • He/she shows up for relationship and be prepared for the issues that he/she wants to examine or argue about.
  • A typical mentee shares his/her expectations with his/her mentor and keeps them realistic. He/she should know that unstated assumptions can easily derail the relationship.
  • He/she doesn’t get afraid of his mentor’s silence as he realizes that his or her mentor is actually inviting him/her to scratch his/her mind for innovative ideas.
  • A good mentee recognizes his uniqueness and doesn’t “clone” his/her mentor.

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If you are thinking to answer the question of how often should a business blog, take a look at below schedules.


This blog publishing schedule suits those for

  • Technical alerts
  • Short news
  • Gadget blogs

These are often posts derived from news items or press releases from wire-services or any other source. This doesn`t involves very much writing. Frequently these bloggers are those who curate content of other people that allows bloggers to post many times a day.


This schedule suits many blogs. This is best suited to inspirational posts, daily-writing prompts, thought-of-the-day blogs and other similar blogs. Frequent posting results in increased website traffic towards articles. Due to this reason bloggers choose everyday posting for attracting readers quickly.

2 To 5 Posts/Week

This is most popular blog`s frequency. Bloggers make best use of this type by assigning days to different topics or specific posts. Readers enjoy in checking their favorite-features on particular days, this helps bloggers to organize their plans for articles in future.


This is also used by many bloggers for keeping their blogs up to date. Just like weekly magazines, readers wait for great content. By taking time for producing these articles, you give shining result.

One or two posts/month

This frequency suits those bloggers who are not much interested in business traffic building. It keeps search-engines which prefer websites updated regularly and allowing you to establish your field authority.

You cans select any of these blogging methods depending upon your nature of work.

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When talking about success of business, one question is sometimes asked, how important is blogging to a business? Despite of the nature & size of your business, blogging is important. Whether you have small or large business or holding multinational company, it is integral for your online content-marketing strategy.

Reasons for this are;

  • It drives traffic towards your website
  • It increases SEO and SERP
  • In positions brand as industry leader
  • It develops better relationship with customers


Blog provides an opportunity for creating customer relevant content. It is the marketing tool to drive website traffic. Due to its importance, it should be made a foundation for social-media platforms. You may have business on Facebook, Pintetest, and Twitter, Linkdin or any other social media site. Link posting with related visuals of blog articles for social sites gives a way to social followers to click. Post on bound-links in the blog articles drives traffic towards specific website landing pages.


It increases SEO. Regular blogging for your business, product, customer or industry naturally increases business reputation.


Company`s reputation as market leader is best demonstrated by well-written articles. Posting of resonating topics markets business skills. Your customers become aware of your products & services through these articles. The more well versed you show about your filed, more customers` trust is developed.

Develop better customer relationships:

Blog writing deepens customer connection. Direct website connection enables clients to obtain information about product or business at home. Consumers like and appreciate information from manufacturers. Responding & interacting with customers builds deep relationship.

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  • For a coach, a task that is assigned to him is important. Coaching is always on concrete issues and concerning coach, he is job-focused and performance oriented.

And mentor actually focuses on mentee individually. The mentoring interaction transcends broadly into general work life.

  • Coach accompanies a particular plan. He splits the task into sub tasks & then looks at diverse approaches to gain from.

Mentor is a facilitator with no specific agenda as it is set by mentee. He doesn’t have specific performance objectives.

  • Coach is impartial and totally centered around performance while mentor can be biased in your favor.
  • Coach plans the entire process in organized way and meetings are set up on regular basis. But a mentor is informal and meetings can be held at whatever point a mentee needs some guidance or support.

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There are numerous benefits that can be gained through mentoring relationship. Here are five just to name a few…

• Having a good mentor enables you to test your creative ideas and share your personal point of view with an interested and understanding listener in a confidential environment.

• When your mentor is experienced, he’s able to spot and point out your talent in particular field and give feedback in addition to suggestions about how to improve it further.
• A good mentor arranges experiences like participation in meetings, events or workplaces etc to enable you to get insight in organization’s culture and framework.
• A very unique benefit you can get by having a good mentor is nitty gritty industry knowledge along with personal introduction to many of mentor’s contacts that might not otherwise be readily accessible to you.

White Paper Marketing

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