Our Services


For nearly a decade, a highly respected consulting firm named JOI SOLUTIONS has helped a variety of organizations function more effectively. Through the years the firm’s partners built a sizable client base of predominantly local businesses in the Southwest region amongst various nonprofit and other religious organizations. Projects ranged from those as small as conducting community workshops to those as sweeping and analyzing the operational efficiency, internal communications, blogging services, consulting services, the re-development of entire departments within various divisions and more!

In 2007, Jacqueline Overstreet founded JOI Consulting Services, alongside a staff of consultants with decades of collective experience. JOI Consulting Services builds its reputation for innovation and results while expanding the company’s services nationwide. Her newly expanded company meets a wider range of need; consulting with educational entities in the areas of community development, after school programs, public safety, human resources, finance, planning, and more.

As we expand our geographical footprint and range of services, our culture will continue to be based on highly personal service. With our in-house associates and network of subject matter experts, our clients will receive an unparalleled level of advice combined with one-on-one attention from senior-level consultants.

White Paper Marketing

A quality white paper is written from an objective point of view and contains a minimal amount of self promotion. We apply best practices with over twenty years of practical experience in using white papers to evaluate solutions. We understand what’s important to prospective customers and brings objectivity to your projects...Credibility – white papers written by an objective party outside your company are more believable...Authenticity – well researched and referenced documents increase credibility...Quality – high-quality content improves search engine visibility...Cost – get the best possible product without the cost of hiring a full-time writer...Convenience – no need to worry about interrupting projects or missing deadlines – a professional writer is there when you need one


JoiSolutions...We take the mentoring approach in all of our engagements. We are genuinely interested in the success of your business and are dedicated to making sure you have a good understanding of the recommendations and the strategy behind them. We specialize in making technical concepts easy to understand. We have extensive experience in evaluating processes within a businesses and identifying opportunities for improvement. We have facilitated numerous projects and have a proven track record of success and have managed people for over twenty years. Our background includes retail, religious organizations, various other nonprofits and direct marketing. We use a collaborative approach to understanding your business and the unique challenges you face. Recommendations will be both practical and effective. We have the experience and qualifications needed to help you succeed. With us you are…Involved and nurtured as a leader…You’ll get Twenty plus years of business experience…You will receive over a decade in the E commerce industry…You’ll get qualified Search Engine Marketing best practices…You get Hands on experience using SEO best practices to improve business…Overall a Proven track record in managing people and projects, which means a solid game plan for you and success for you’re your business!